The main suspect has been identified on Thursday who facilitated three Afghan women, caught from the Islamabad airport, attempting to illegally board a London-bound flight of the Pakistan International Airlines on May 28.The suspect, identified as Altaf alias doctor brought the three women to the airport and due to the fear of inspection, threw their passports into a duAfghan women’s arrest: Main suspect identified by CCTV footagestbin and boarded his flight to London.
The suspect was identified with the help of CCTV footage.According to an alert by the British High Commission Islamabad, the suspect despite travelling to London on May 28, later traveled to Muscat on May 30 with Oman Air.The subject holds a valid 10-year UK visit visa, according to the alert sent to all airlines operating within Pakistan and FIA immigration.The three women paid $20,000 each for traveling to London. The women were provided fake boarding passes with the aid of PIA Task Force head Israr Ahmed, who is in FIA’s custody.According to sources, the Afghan women were arrested in light of the information provided by Britain.Officials of the FIA had said the three Afghan women — holding genuine Afghan passports — had obtained their boarding passes for a PIA flight to Kabul.Once the ladies reached the departure lounge after passing through immigration, they were provided fake British passports and boarding passes for PIA’s London-bound flight that was taking off at the same time.Before the women could board the plane, however, FIA officials arrested them.On May 28, three Afghan women were arrested for attempting to illegally board a London-bound flight of the PIA.

Afghan women’s arrest, attempting to illegally board a London-bound flight from the Pakistan | Mirpur TV