Muzaffarabad: Demanding arrest of real smugglers the heirs of arrested truck drivers have appealed the President, Prime Minister and chief Justice of Azad Kashmir to initiate an independent inquiry into the incident to bring real culprits to justice.Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday the heirs of arrested truck drivers said, “The smuggler who packed heroin inside rug and crossed dozens of police checkpoints from Islamabad to Chakoti Trade Center, has not yet been arrested, despite the fact that all the traders involved in the LOC Trade.”Speaking on the occasion they said that instead of arresting the actual smuggler and his accomplices the local administration launched a crackdown on innocent workers and threw them behind the bars. , Terming the action as an unjustified and uncalled for they said, “Due to similar administrative negligence, three drivers have been arrested in occupied Kashmir and shifted to jail. They are bearing imprisonment for the crime that they had not committed”.They said that due to the negligence of law enforcement agencies the common people have to bore the brunt of this laxity. They warned of blocking LoC trade if the real character Sajjad Ahmed Zafar (Majid Zargar) involved in this heinous crime were not arrested.It may be recalled here that on 19th September three villagers and two drivers were arrested at Chakothi check point on charges of carrying brown sugar in their truck.

Heirs of arrested Truck drivers demand action against real culprit | Mirpur TV