After steering through the tough wave of the UP elections and coming out victorious, we are sure the BJP and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s happiness knows no boundaries. He proved yet again that he is one of the most popular and sought after leaders in Indian history. Well, the credit can be partly given to the vast reach of the Internet and various reports that state Narendra Modi being the most followed leader on social media. Maybe, it’s this popularity of Modi that captured the attention of this 11-year-old girl, Aqeedat Naveed, from Pakistan and she decided to write a letter to the PM in hopes that he would work towards peace between both the countries. t wouldn’t be wrong to say that this letter echoes the collective thoughts of all those people who want the bickering nations to come to terms and end their issues. “Let’s decide that we will not buy bullets, we will buy books. We will not buy guns, will buy medicines for poor people,” she wrote in her letter while congratulating him for his success in the UP elections. This is not the first time that Aqeedat is penning her thoughts. Earlier, she along with her 14-year-old brother, Moarrikh, had written letters to prominent personalities. In fact, she has also reportedly written a letter to Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj for a speedy recovery when she was hospitalized for kidney failure.                   Girl From Pakistan Writes A Letter To Prime Minister Narendra ModiGirl From Pakistan Writes A Letter To Prime Minister Narendra ModiShe wrote, “Once my father told me that winning of hearts is a marvelous job. Perhaps you have won the hearts of Indian people, therefore you won the election in UP. But, I must tell you if you want to win more Indian and Pakistani hearts, you should take steps towards friendship and peace,” she further added and we couldn’t agree more. The brother-sister duo has apparently received a greeting card from Columbian president Juan Manuel Santos and PM Modi for writing letters to them. What’s more, they want to visit Taj Mahal and Delhi and want to see more tourists flocking to Pakistan like India.