An unfaithful husband who strangled his wife with her own bra after she threatened to make a rape allegation against him unless he returned £20,000 worth of gold that he had stolen from her has had his sentence increased after he tried to clear his name.


Abul Kashem Miah, 37, murdered 35-year-old mother-of-two Rukshana after she stood up to him and demanded the return of the wedding jewellery.

Miah had taken the gold after he made a false claim on insurance, stating his wife’s £20,000 gold wedding jewellery, including bangles, necklace and earrings, had been stolen in the raid – then subsequently banked the £10,000 payout.

He then stored the jewellery in a safety deposit box to keep a ‘hold’ of his wife.

He murdered her on August 16 2014 after she demanded the return of her jewellery or she would accuse him of rape.

Miah had told the court during the trial: ‘I didn’t want her to die. We were in bed, we got on to the issue about the jewellery and how there was a shortfall with the insurance.

‘She was of the opinion that I should replace any jewellery that wasn’t replaced by the insurance money.

‘She got out of bed and started putting clothes on. She was very angry and said “you’re going to regret this. ‘I’m going to call the police”.

‘I asked her why and she said she’s going to ring them and tell them that I raped her. I was afraid, another accusation of rape was being put against me.

‘She lunged at me and I grabbed her arms and there was some shouting that went between us, and I was just asking her to stop, and we wrestled and we ended up on the floor.