British media revealed late Thursday night that terrorist Khalid Masood had rehearsed his deadly attack on the UK Parliament before carrying it out.

This ‘rehearsal’ was carried out on March 18 – four days prior to the attack which killed five people, including the attacker, and injured 40.

It has also been revealed that ahead of the attack, Masood lied to his family that he was leaving for Saudi Arabia.

The British media mentioned that Masood instead stayed at the Preston Park Hotel in Brighton, and – once the rehearsal was accomplished successfully – spent most of his time in the hotel room.

Police authorities have appealed to the public to come forward with any type of evidence that may help them in the case’s progress.

In the worst such attack in Britain since 2005, the attacker, British-born convert to Islam Khalid Masood, 52, sped across Westminster Bridge in a car, mowing down pedestrians along the way, then ran through the gates of the nearby parliament building and stabbed a policeman before being shot dead.

British anti-terrorism police earlier said they still believe Masood was acting alone but conceded they may never understand his motive.