A message from a Mother, who want to stay anonymous, regarding Bullying in Collective Spirit School.

To all parents looking to send their children to a secondary school in 2017/18, Please refrain from sending them to Collective Spirit Oldham.

Many parents who’s children already attend the school all agree in that it was the worst decision they have made. Reports of bullying to the extent of where a student is scared to set foot on the premises.

The family wish to remain anonymous. The student has been bullied for wearing a headscarf, has been called many names and after 2 years of constant bullying and threatening the school was informed but sadly they didn’t do much to help . Mainly listening but not doing enough. The bullying continued to the next level by pouring urine on this particular student on school premises. The school excluded the bullies but only two days out of school . What about he impact it has had on this student. The police has been informed because of fear that the child may end up harming themselves.

This information is solely because as parent I want to make other people aware of what’s going on. The police has admitted its an assault but won’t take matters any further.