Today I got a chance to travel on an Auto Rickshaw, and found a Innocent school girl sitting on laps of Auto Rickshaw Driver.

Thinking she might be Daughter of Rickshaw driver, and must have asked her father to travel with him. Or he might drop her and hand over her to someone fellow when auto will move.

But when Rickshaw started moving, I noticed Little girl was accelerating, and Rickshaw driver who was probably her father giving her some instruction, still doubted that she might be playing with steering and driver has forbid her from doing so.

When I reached my destination and came out of Rickshaw and paid fair, the little girl picked money from me, upon asking about little girl, Rickshaw driver told, “she is my daughter and helping me to drive Rickshaw as I have lost his one arm.”

He said, he cannot imagine, begging on roads and letting his daughter to work as maid for someone else. He told his daughter is getting her education from school and both of us are earning a handsome amount by driving Rickshaw together and we are living happily. He said, he is thankful to Allah for happy life.

This is an example for those to whom Allah bless them with Good Health and still making excuses not to work. May Allah Bless Driver of Auto Rickshaw the little girl.