Khalid Chudhry, 48, resident of Tenby Close, Blackburn, had conned 28 people out of around £29,000 with “Cheap Flight Holidays” online website offering cheap tickets.

The Burnley Crown Court heard the figure is closer to £200,000 and that 180 people had made complaints to Action Fraud.

Khalid Chudhry offered his customers cheap flights through his online company Cheap Flight Holidays and took payments without ever booking the flights.

Customers were not able to book flights directly from company website and either had to send an email enquiry or call to direct to company.

When customers rang up to enquire about their tickets, he uses delaying tactics then saying the price is raised up. The jury heard Khalid booked 2,903 flights with an average ticket price of £77.

So many people got affected by him, especially those how booked tickets to attend funeral and weddings at back home.

A woman who booked a flight to attend her wedding own wedding and paid £700 to Khalid Chudhry but just on the following day of flight, Khalid Chudhry called her and told her prices of ticket are risen by £910 and the woman because of marriage had to