Man named Birwali akn Lajpal Sarkar who lived in Charoolte Street Walsall, UK use to teach at Selbourne St Masjid long time ago who threw him out as he was found to pick vulnerable young kids to rape them.

After he was kicked out by the local masjids in Walsall he started teaching in a shed at the back of his house for a few years then he got qualified Qaris to teach students and built his own center in his garden.

He rape a girl from the age of 11 until she was 16 and he even went to prison in UK in rape case.

Some boys from Manchester found out and shaved his beard of and eye brows, and was torched for what he had done to young girls. When he was released from Jail he eloped away with his sister-in-law by doing black magic on her.

He came back to his native home town in Kakra Town, Mirpur Azad Kashmir and started his Fake Pir Lajpal Sarkar Business to seduce women and doing black magic tricks.

This fake Pir use black magic to seduces women in Pakistan and makes money of them. He has some workers

working for him and he performs black magic on people who came to him for solution of their problems.

This person is a dangerous person and stayed in prison for 11 years and learnt bad tricks from there, people need to stay away from this person.

He is a fake and people will be lead astray. Share this message to maximum to stop him destroying lives of other vulnerable girls and women.

Mosques need to be more careful in selecting such Islamic teachers, beside that services of female teachers can be availed to teach girls and young boys.

Some of the guys who are his students and or relatives have left following comments.

Kamran Mohammed : May Allah forgive me and the rest for getting taught by a fucking rapist…. and he aint no peer….