A MAN returned home to find a gang of burglars seizing around £10,000 worth of cash and gold jewellery.

Adeeb Amin, 25, arrived at his house in Fern Street, Farnworth and says he caught the intruders red-handed.

The three men fled the scene in a car parked outside where a driver was waiting.

Mr Amin said that the thieves left valuable electronics including mobile phones, televisions and laptops, but stole £5,000 worth of cash and gold jewellery he estimated to be worth around £4,000.
CCTV footage shows that at 5.30pm on Thursday a silver Mercedes was driven into the street and one of the men approached the house to knock on the door. The film shows two other men crossing the street to enter the house.

Mr Amin said that he believes they entered the house through a back window.

Mr Amin returned home at 5.50pm and went inside. He said: “I parked the car on the driveway. I saw their car across the road, I looked at him (the driver) but I didn’t think anything of it.

“I went into my kitchen and saw a drawer open, I thought my mum would have left it open.

“Then I saw the mess in the other rooms. Everything was everywhere. I heard something and I went back outside.”

Mr Amin said that when he arrived home and parked his car on the driveway, the driver of the Mercedes started to sound the horn to warn the burglars of his return.

He believes the burglars left the house after he went in.

The CCTV shows three men running from the property before the Mercedes sped off.

The burglars took a gold chain that was given to Mr Amin by his parents for his 16th birthday.

Mr Amin said: “It’s not really about the money, it’s about the fact that they have broken into my home, I’m fine but my mum and dad, they might not feel safe any more.”

Mr Amin called the police and officers, including forensics teams, came to the house to investigate. Mr Amin said that when police searched for the getaway car’s registration plate the system showed that it had no MOT, no insurance and no road tax.

House in Fern Street, Farnworth hit by burglars, GMP investigating