A FATHER-of-four who was viciously attacked by car-jackers says he feels “abandoned” by police after he was told the case has been “filed”.

Imran Tariq, 35, required six hours of surgery to the facial injuries he suffered last December when he fought off four attackers who were attempting to take his wife’s blue Audi Q3.

Mr Tariq and his family were living in Little Germany at the time, but say the horror of the incident has forced them to move to the Daisy Hill area. They have also sold the car.“What upsets me so much is that nothing seems to have happened to try to bring these people to justice. It’s like we’ve been abandoned,” Mr Tariq said.

“They are still out there doing this to others and getting away with it. I was lucky I wasn’t killed but I have lasting effects from the surgery.

“From the outside I look fine, but I have metal plates around my eye socket and cheek. The surgeon did a brilliant job but it has let me with nerve damage and I have reduced vision in my right eye.

Mr Tariq said he and his wife were stunned after ringing the police earlier this week for an update on the investigation.

“They told us the case had been filed,” said Mr Tariq’s wife, Aisha.

“I asked them what they meant and said these people, these plastic gangsters, are still out there’.

“They said they had done as much as they could. They had arrested one person but they had an alibi. I told them I wanted the case putting on Crimewatch. These people have to be caught.”

Mr Tariq added: “We gave them descriptions, the make of car and a registration number of a different car I saw my attackers in a few days later.

“The police also asked me to help in an e-fit but that was the last I heard.”

Last night, West Yorkshire Police insisted that the case has not been shelved and investigations will continue if more evidence comes to light.

A spokesman said: “Police have spoken to the victim on several occasions regarding this crime report and the progress of the investigation.“At this time all available lines of inquiry have been followed up and the matter has been filed pending further information.

“Anyone who may have information that could assist our enquiries, but has not yet come forward is asked to contact Bradford District CID on 101, quoting crime reference 13160712286.