Peer Sahib Secretly Married 4th Wife in Birmingham


The divorced woman resident of Greater Manchester who was follower (Mureed) of one of Peer Sahib from Birmingham, seek help from him in her divorce matters, ended up in a secrete marriage with him which was just o Satiate his Physical Appetite.

Spiritual guides or ‘peers’ are highly revered in some communities and can attract hundreds if not thousands of disciples.

Many of the Peers do not take any payment and help to guide communities in the righteous Islamic faith. They are sincere and pious and provide spiritual and moral guidance on a daily basis.

The woman, who don’t want to be named want to raise her voice in community in the hope it would help other women trapped.

Victim woman and her whole family is the Follower (Murid) of Peer. Victim woman who was going through divorce matters, seek advice of Peer and had been in contact with him on WhatsApp to asked for duas (prayers).

While giving her advice Pir Sahib started intimating her by sending her Bikini Girls Pictures and talking about his personal life and other three wives and that one of his wife is publicly known as it was a family marriage and other two marriages are secrete.

He then asked the woman to sent her pictures in Bikini, upon asking permissible in Islam, Peer Sahib sent her reference from the Quran, which he actually had manipulated the text and the translation for his own purpose.

The vulnerable woman who got manipulated by thinking he is such a holy man, she sent him several compromising pictures of herself.

And after some time he expressed his love for the girl, and purposed her for marriage by giving reference of 4 wives allowed in Islam. The woman fell for totally Peer stuff and agreed to marry a pious man. They decided to meet in Birmingham and Peer Sahib Make it very clear that he would not be able to devote much time to her after the marriage and, he would meet her twice a month which she agreed.

After this meeting Peer Sahib had no contact with woman for more than 2 months, despite many efforts from woman she was not able to get in contact with him. The woman was worried about her “Personal” pictures which she sent to Peer Sahib.

When she heard news of Peer Sahib is back in Birmingham, she approached him and remind him of his promise for marriage and the pictures he had, she warned him marry him and to delete the pictures or she will expose him in public.

The Peer Sahib threatened her to stop this or else he will make her pictures viral, it was then woman turned up to first wife of Peer and showed him topless picture of her husband and other messages.

It was then Peer Sahib married her, in March 2016 in a secrete Nikah Marriage read by Peer Sahib himself in Birmingham, with presence of Driver a follower. Right after Nikah, Peer Sahib got up and went away.

The first time woman who came drove from Manchester to Birmingham