The AJK President Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan has said Indian unprovoked firing at Line of Control is an attempt to divert the world’s attention from massive human rights violations by Indian troops in Occupied Kashmir.
Talking to visiting delegation of trainee officers of Command and Staff College Quetta in Muzaffarabad today, he urged the United Nations to take serious notice of Indian aggressive designs.
Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan said that Azad Kashmir is a strong defence line of Pakistan and India could not break the natural and historical bond between Kashmir and Pakistan.
The President said martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar Wani gave a new impetus to Kashmir liberation movement and the day is not far when Kashmiri people would see the dawn of freedom of their motherland.
AJK President said that people of Kashmir want solution of Kashmir issue under UN resolution as we believe that only UN Security Council resolutions provide comprehensive and durable solution of the problem. Referring to Chinab Formula, Bhutto- Suron Singh Dialogues and four- point formula floated by Gen Mushrraf, President said all the proposals and formulas to address the issue out of box or through bilateral talks had failed in the past. Terming Indian inflexibility on Kashmir as biggest hurdles in peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue, Sardar Masood said there will be no progress on Kashmir issue till India stops harping “attot-ang” mantra about Kashmir.
Replying a question he said that trade ties with India will not benefit Pakistan. Pakistan, he said should do trade with China, Middle Eastern countries, Africa and the countries of Far East region.
Giving details of administrative and constitutional matters, President said people of AJK enjoy parliamentary democracy, however constitutional powers of government are shared by AJK government, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council, Federal Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and the Federal government causing some problems with the state government. He said that decision was taken in 1992 to grant AJK its share in federal taxes equal to Baluchistan province but unfortunately the decision was not implemented in letter and spirit. Baluchistan is getting nine percent share in federal taxes under NFC Award and AJK is getting only two percent.
Similarly AJK is being paid 15 paisa per unit water use charges while KPK gets 1.10 paisa per unit water use charges. He said AJK Council is collecting taxes from AJK and returns the taxes to AJK in installments after deducting 20 percent service charges. He said that people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir demands their rights without any compromise on their present special status.

People of AJK needs rights without compromising: Sardar Masood