Abbas Khan, 19, resident of of Ellesmere Road, Alum Rock has been jailed for 14 years after he pulled out a shotgun and shoot a motorist in a horrifying road rage attack in Birmingham. They had clash on George Arthur Road, Alum Rock, after a minor traffic incident.

Shooting victim, Abu Tahir, 29, was shot in arm and needed emergency surgery to save his arm from being amputated and is now disabled.

The incident happened in the in Morning of August 8, 2016 when a road rage incident between both of them began with pushing and shoving.

Right after the road rage, Victim Abu Tahir, 29, turned back with another man to act as “muscle”, and it was then Abbas Khan, Abbas Khan, pulled out gun from his car. Victim Tahir tried to avoid after he saw Abbas Khan with gun and turned back, but Abbas Khan opened Fire on him. Luckily he was received bullet in his arm.

Police until now could not found the gun used in shooting but police found a CCTV footage and after watching that, teenager Abbas Khan was sentenced for 14 years at Birmingham Crown Court.