Sardar Masood Khan, the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has thanked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for raising the Kashmir issue at the 13th summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization, and for his unequivocal message that peaceful settlement of long standing issues like Jammu and Kashmir and alleviating the suffering of the Kashmiri people would greatly help in advancing stability and development in the entire region.
President Masood Khan also said that this message clearly resonated in the ECO’s call for conflict resolution. He said Azad Kashmir shared ECO’s concerns regarding conflicts in the region and supported their call of their early resolution on the basis of international law.
“The unresolved issue of Jammu and Kashmir is hindering full economic potential of the region and is impeding connectivity that could usher in a new era of prosperity and cooperation”, he said.
Sardar Masood Khan said that the region of Jammu and Kashmir was a natural corridor between East Asia, South Asia and West Asia. It was, he said, part of ECO’s footprint. He added: “Once the Kashmir dispute is resolved the region would emerge as a connective node for commerce and economic partnerships in the regional neighbourhood. Instead of being a bone of contention, Kashmir will become a symbol of peace co-existence and amity.”