Two real brothers of Joharabad died in a traffic accident. According to details, Chaudary Kabir and Chaudary Saghir who are real brothers were traveling back to UK on their way they died in a traffic accident in Mirpur.

Both brothers died in the accident their funeral prayer was offered in their native home town and where a large number of people from all aspects of life were present.

They were cousin to teacher Ch Ashraf of Govt. Middle School Blah Jadah.

Both brother’s flight was due and they were heading towards airport.

Rest in Peace. May Allah Give Sabar to deceased’s family and rest their souls in peace and grant them highest peace in Jannat.

This is the information until now, stay tuned with us to get latest updates on this news.

Traffic Accidents are increasing day by day in Mirpur and and surrounding areas, until now, no precautions are measured by authorities to reduce them and to provide proper facilities for injured ones. Passenger in critical conditions are usually reffered to Rawalpindi hospitals, which is about 2 hours drive from Mirpur.
Mostly deaths are reported while the patients are on their way to hospital. We need to think on it.