ShareViral Leaked Video of L&P Productions ‘SHAZAD ASLAM and ARSLAN SHABIR from Mirpur wherever!! Spending donated money in Brothels/Kanjar hanay and Dancing with Shemales.

The 2 Beghayrat FB Wanabe Celebs EXPOSED ! #Share #Viral

First of all the wanabee prick from Pak Arslan Shabir who is always dissing British Asian Boys and Girls for having no Respect Dignity an look at the prick where is the izzat an dignity gone now you f**king Kanjar??? !!!

2nd i used to respect L&P not no more. You put out videos preaching, chatting shit to people how good you are?! Even putting your kids pictures up on a Prayer Mat to make you look good An look at you now youve just been exposed for the rat that you really are! Kanjar !!

Both these *astards have been asking people to donate to them so they could help the poor in Pakistan an help their bullshit songs but look where the money is being spent a f**king B*othel !!!! Am These guys are nothing but fame seeking fraudsters who have used the name of the poor etc an conned people!

Please share an expose these fake fraud Muthaf*kaz!

L&P Records Shazad Aslam and Arslan Shabir #Share